ORA, the Collision of Global Culture and Technology


ORA, from the New Zealand Maori word "Kia Ora".

In Maori, Kia Ora means "hello", but it's not just "hello".

It is a sincere greeting from Oceania,

It is the most friendly recognition from people's hearts,

It is of great significance, no matter who said it, it is definitely not just talk.

Now, we say that Kia Ora with the people of New Zealand!

Send sincere greetings to every friend together with Maori culture.

ORA, to open the era of OMC entertainment chain, what we need to do is not only technological innovation, but also to link the diverse national cultures of the world with the universe, give cultural new life, and create infinite value.

ORA is the first creation space of the Rainbow Nasie metaverse entertainment system.

All residents here can acquire and create their own cultural and entertainment activities, and at the same time enjoy the new wealth of cultural and entertainment economy brought about by technological innovation.

ORA is the application representative of DeFi 3.0, breaking the traditional single mode of token, and breaking through the inherent framework of NFT "high value", "auction", "art", etc. ORA realizes the opposition and unity of FT and NFT, value interaction and conversion deflation. Let users experience the core charm of technology while gaining wealth, let users become the masters of entertainment space, and let the economic value of entertainment return to users.

In terms of ORA technology, the Rainbow Nasie metaverse team and the distributed metaverse technology organization Compass Labs have comprehensively upgraded the existing NFT casting, cultural and entertainment ecological empowerment and application based on the underlying technology of the blockchain to create a “ORA” A unique and sustainable cultural and recreational ecological space created in the world.

ORA's cultural elements come from New Zealand members of the Rainbow Nasie metaverse distributed team and Alex Kim, an emerging 3D artist from South Korea. The IP of ORA's first NFT is from Alex Kim's "Battle Royale Heroes Polyart" series. ORA is a cultural and entertainment space that is sustainable and scalable. We are committed to providing more artists and developers with opportunities and platforms to display, and to link excellent works with users. If you are also interested, please contact us through the official email.

ORA adheres to the concept of subversion, innovation and co-construction, and will join hands with more cutting-edge forces around the world to launch more IPs one after another. We will subvert the traditional Internet in the era of Web3.0, build a new force of the global Internet proletariat based on blockchain, build a metaverse that belongs to us, and lead DeFi3.0. We are not only committed to the application of the combination of innovative technology and business, but also to the integration of global culture and business. The innovative technology of the blockchain and the metaverse and the diverse cultures of human beings will create endless entertainment value.

ORA hopes that while exploring the application of blockchain entertainment, it will not only bring technological wealth to users, but also link diverse cultures with users, and contribute our strength to human development and cultural heritage.

ORA, Open the Entertainment Era of OMC.

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