Meditation is good, but it should be practiced with rules


In recent years, meditation has become a popular exercise. Modern life is fast-paced and filled with pressure from family, work, friends, and other sources. People often feel stressful and even depressed. Andy Puddicombe, a well-known British meditation, a TED speaker, and a positive thinking advocate, has said that spending just 10 minutes on meditation a day can bring peace of mind and a higher level of concentration.

Meditation is not new, as it is used in Christianity, Buddhism, and other religions to enhance practice and attain health. Christian meditation is a form of prayer, a structured attempt to understand and reflect on God as well as to enhance physical well-being. In Buddhism, meditation is the ultimate goal of hard exercises which can help reach the spiritual freedom and practice mental concentration.

During meditation, it is not unusual to have certain illusions. However, Li Hongzhi, Zhang Qingxi, and other practitioners call this "the great manifestation of divine power", exaggerating and even distorting the effects of this psychological mechanism, trying to brainwash practitioners with "Dafa" thinking, and eventually replacing the original scientific concept of life with "Dafa" beliefs, leading to believers astray. Some practitioners lose their entire fortune because of the wrong way, or even worse, it can even be life-threatening.

Recently, this topic is hot debated on Twitter. Some practitioners think that they need to be careful with their practice and should be promptly treated for acute illnesses, otherwise the tragedy like New Tang Dynasty Television executive Sen Yang and his wife will happen again. Also in 2019, Hong Kong practitioner Jan Hongzhang was not saved by "sending positive thoughts to eliminate his karma". His family later took him to the hospital quietly, but it was too late.

But such a statement immediately attracts discontent of the other practitioners who believe that 'Only righteous thoughts cultivated in meditation can distinguish between good and evil'. Respect for the deceased should be maintained.

The practice should be mastered correctly and carried out in a strictly normative manner. For example, the posture, the time, the weather and the level of concentration in taking meditation must be paid utmost attention. Otherwise, instead of achieving healing, the believer may lose his life.

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