Intelligent Automation leader Laiye announces first-of-its-kind offers, ensuring 100% refund of licensing costs


At present, with the rapid development of intelligent automation, while bringing momentum to the industry, there are also risks. As a global leader in intelligent automation, Laiye is the first intelligent automation and RPA provider to substantively support the trust in the success of its products. Not long ago, Laiye announced a first-of-its-kind offer to ensure businesses make the leap to intelligent automation by promising to refund 100% of their licensing costs.

Laiye is full of confidence in this solution. Ronen Lamdan, CEO of Laiye International, said: The solution can not only complete the project milestones, but also achieve the specific business goals that customers care about most. "That's a question Laiye has been asking itself since its inception: 'Are we helping our clients achieve their goals? "Customer success is our guiding light, and we don't shy away from working on the results our customers want."

Laiye has already announced in the intelligent automation industry that it will refund 100% of the value of its software license fee if the business target is not achieved within the agreed time frame. In this regard, Olivier Gomez, Co-Founder and CEO of IAC, an executive partner of Laiye, said: "We rarely see a company as committed to real business results as Laiye. It is very important to help enterprises transform with a real focus on implementation. It’s refreshing to collaborate on the ways in which businesses can have the greatest impact on realizing the full potential of intelligent automation.”

Currently, Laiye is rolling out to e-commerce, including retail and CPG, as well as the healthcare industry with a long history and expertise, with clients such as AstraZeneca already achieving impressive results, fundamentally expanding their offerings, and a series of new features will be rolled out in Spring 2022.

Laiye eliminates intelligent automation risks with a first-of-its-kind business outcome guarantee, providing industry users with additional assurance. In the future, Laiye will work with clients to identify pre-agreed business metrics, which may include employee productivity, cost reduction, revenue increase, error rate reduction, client Net Promoter Score (NPS) improvement or better compliance and auditability.


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