POP Angel——Play-to-Earn and NFT Games Coming


Pop Angel based on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are gaining popularity. NFTs will be a big part of the future of gaming, which makes games like FIFA and The Sims.

NFT games are swiftly becoming one of the largest trends and new user onboarding techniques in crypto, with NFT games like Axie Infinity pushing through the top 25 in market capitalization with over USD 9 billion in market cap at the time of writing. We’ve compiled a list of the top NFT games, based on our criteria.

Pop Angel lets creators simply plug in their creative and budget, and Markopolo runs their advertising campaign using the best strategies from Google and Facebook.

Let’s look at traditional baseball cards. If I have a baseball card for a certain player and you have a card for a different player, they don’t necessarily have the same value. So if I give you my card and you give me yours, we are not necessarily as good or as bad as before, because one card can be rare and the other one can be more common. So they’re not fungible. They’re not immediately interchangeable.

On the other hand, let’s say you have one share of Microsoft stock, I have another one. If I give you my token and you give me yours, we are equally fine. It’s fungible, it is exchangeable.

Pop Angel do have a real-world footprint. There’s an operation cost, called a gas fee, which is the cost of the energy needed to run the blockchain where NFTs are housed. Kind of like how the property taxes people pay fund the public services that maintain their home ownership.

Great! Now, you’ve a NFT in your hand! And you want to sell it as soon as possible with a highest bid! How can we achieve that?

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